Barbar Temple – A Traditional Religious Sanctuary

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Renowned as one of Bahrain's most historically eminent relics – the Barbar Temple is situated in the heart of the Island's village in Barbar. The temple boasts tradition, culture and the long history of its country. The temple built with limestone blocks, which were carved out from the Jidda Island in nearby location to the sanctuary, creates a unique ambience to the vicinity as well as its structure.


Travellers to Bahrain will be able to explore the unique appearance and its attractions when visiting the Barbar Temple. Considered an archaeological site and a place mentioned in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the temple flaunts a holy aura that is thought to be of a spiritual significance to worshippers. A group of Danish archaeologists rediscovered this temple (the third temple in the area) in 1954 and it was duly revealed to the public after a series of excavations. The other two temples in the vicinity were known to be discovered between 2100BC and 2000BC.


The ancient old temples were each built a top of one another and each of these temples were constructed to worship Enki – the god of wisdom and freshwater, the sanctuary also pays tribute to the Gods wife Ninhursag. At the temple travellers can seek out a few attractions such as a natural water spring that was used as a spiritual sanctuary for devotees and two alters used for worshipping. At the site, following the excavation many relics such as weapons, tools, pieces of gold and pottery were found – these antiques are now seen displayed at the Bahrain National Museum.


Travellers to Bahrain can also explore the many other attractions within the city and some of them are the Arab Fort, Bahrain National Museum, Seef Mall, Riffa Fort, Bahrain Synagogue, Bahrain Fort, The Bahrain Grand Prix Stadium, First Oil Well, Al Fateh Mosque and the Al Khamis Mosque are among the many here.


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Barbar Temple – A Traditional Religious Sanctuary

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This article was published on 2010/11/20