Beng Mealea – The Jungle Temple of Cambodia

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Looking at the grandeur the city of Siem Reap shared in the 1960s one would wonder what it would take to get this charmingly quaint Cambodian region back on the map. A new outlook, high class hotels and fine dining restaurants are all the reinvention this place needed. The not so long ago overlooked city has taken its place as one of the most visited destinations in the world. Filled with cultural heritage and charming architecture, it is little wonder that all Siem Reap needed was a face lift.


About 60kms away from Siem Reap lies a jungle temple that is spectacular in its sights and history. This temple that is called the Beng Mealea is a relatively new attraction to the tour of Cambodia. Built in the architectural style of Angkor Wat, this massive scale temple was constructed under the patronage of Jayarvaman VII. It's no wonder that Beng Mealea is among the larger temples of the Khmer empire, as the gallery itself runs a width of about 181m by 152; this is what forms the outer boundaries of the temple. This massive structure is further surrounded by a moat that is 1025m by 875m with a width of 45m.


The carving and the architecture that is found among the ruins that is now Beng Mealea places it among the Hindu temples. But among the statues, there have been Buddhist motifs that have also been discovered. In order to retain its natural beauty the temple at present has not been restored, but material that has been found at the site has confirmed that the temple was constructed using sandstone from the quarries along Phnom Kulen. The sandstone was believed to be transported by water canals that were artificially constructed at the time.


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Beng Mealea – The Jungle Temple of Cambodia

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This article was published on 2010/09/14