Eme Temple - Vadodara's Proud Tribute To Lord Dakshinamurthy

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Of the South Indian pantheon of Hindu deities, the Dakshinamurthy reincarnation of Lord Shiva is of special significance to Shaivites. This image of the Lord Shiva symbolizes the deity as the master of learning and the preceptor of sciences, among which music is counted. Although nearly every Shiva temple bears an image of Dakshinamurthy, there is only one in South India where that aspect of the deity is worshipped as the principal figure the EME Temple of Vadodara.

Once the ancient capital of the Gaekwad people, who knew the city as Baroda, the Vadodara of modern times is one of the prime hubs of industry to surface in the state of Gujarat. However, even amid the new cityscape of bustling commerce and factories, there remain the footprints of the ancients in the form of museums, palaces and several temples. The EME Temple, or the Dakshinamurthy Temple of the city takes prominent position among these latter structures, partly because of its unique construction and partly for its heritage.

The excellence of its geodesic dimensions is as much of a curiosity as the fact that the entire structure is covered in aluminium sheeting, unlike any other temple in the whole of the country. Within is enshrined a statue of Lord Dakshinamurthy, facing south as is traditional for the great teacher who is believed to impart his wisdom facing the world in that direction. This idol is also called Jagadguru by its devotees.

Also within the temple is found a collection of beautifully crafted idols that have been discovered during recent excavations. These sculptures, which archaeologists say date back to the 6th century, are arranged along the path that leads to the shrine. Another standout aspect of the temple is the fact that all five major religions in India are represented by the symbols of this structure: the kalash atop the dome for Hinduism, the tower for Christianity, the golden symbol atop which stands for Buddhism and the temple entrance for Jainism.

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Eme Temple - Vadodara's Proud Tribute To Lord Dakshinamurthy

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This article was published on 2010/10/20