Indian Temple Heritage and Eternal Significance

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India is also called as the incredible India and is the country of natural landscapes and many other sots one will love to see always as long as he is in this world. Apart from the natural beauty and diversity of the different zones of this country, India is also famous for some of the world renowned ancient temples and the experience is fine. The tourists come to the different parts of India and get the mixed feeling of some of the m natural splendors and the monuments of worship. The 1000 year old temple of Brihdeshwarar temple in the Thanjavur district of south India reminds the individual of the eternal power and glory of the Lord Shiva.  On the one hand, one has the chance to pay homage to lord Shiva in the Brihdeshwarar temple and on the other hand the tourist becomes elevated at the divinity of the Mahabodhi temple in Gaya.  This temple was built before the birth of Christ and reflects the true insights of Buddhism. It is said that lord Buddha got enlightened under the tree here, also referred as the Bodhi tree.  The famous caves of Ajanta and Alora reflect the rock art of that time and the dedication of the people of that time towards the salvation. Come and enjoy the heritage of the country by going to some of the world famous temples like the Sri Venkateshwara temple of Tirupati and the temple of Padmanabaswamy.  These are among the list of richest temples of the world. The temple of Sri Padamba is the riches in the world with the asset value of INR 1 Lac Crores as declared without opening one chamber. Tirupati temple ranks second in the riches in the world and both the temples have the spiritual significance.

 The temple of Shabrimala in Kerala is quite famous and it is very auspicious to go to this temple in the event of Makar Sankaranti, one of the most important days in Hinduism. Women with the menstruation cycles are forbidden in the temple and they are considered as unclean because of the fact that Lord Ayyapa is a brahamchari. Another beautiful and very old temple is the temple of Guruvayaoor and the presiding deity is lord Krishna. The origin of the temple traces back to the Mahabharata times and it is said that Lord Sri Krishna has himself put the idol in the temple during the era.  In the same way, it is said that the idol in the temple of Sri Venkateshwara is self manifested and is not actually formed by the human hands.

Sarnath temple is also a very famous Buddhist temple situated in Uttar Pradesh. Come to the wonderful cave of Amarnath, located in Kashmir and is the place of Lord Shiva and the ice lingam of the cave increases and decreases with the half to full moon signs. Shiva is an eternal lord and is also referred as the God of Gods. The cave was discovered by the Muslim shepherd who as per the legend had been directed by Lord Shiva himself before he disappeared.

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Indian Temple Heritage and Eternal Significance

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Indian Temple Heritage and Eternal Significance

This article was published on 2012/04/13