Religious Heritage of India- The Gaumukh Temple

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The temples of North India form a very major tourist attraction. When people come on India tour, they spend most of their time in either visiting the hill stations of the northern India or visiting the forts and temples of the northern India. The temples of Incredible India are an epitome of periodical architecture. Each temple has a history to offer. Similarly, the forts of India also speak of the dynasties and emperors who ruled over India. One of the famous temples of Northern India is the Gaumukh temple which is situated in the Mount Abu hills station.

On an India tour, Mount Abu is a must visit spot. Not only is it a beautiful hill station, it is also a shrine to many beautiful temples. The very famous Dilwara temples, which are dedicated to the Jain Tirthanakaras, are also located in Mount Abu. Apart from these, Mount Abu is also a home to many Hindu temples. There is the Dattareya Temple. Apart from it, there is a Durga Mata temple and an Ambika Mata Temple. Even apart from all these temples, there are many other temples dedicated to different Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Yet another famous Hindu temple located in the Mount Abu is the Gaumukh temple. Gaumukh temple is yet another temple that should be a part of your India tour, owing to its religious and ethnic value in Indian history.

The Gaumukh Temple is located dedicated to Saint Vashisth. Followers and believers believe that Saint Vashisth offered his prayer at this place. As a matter of fact, it was at this place that Saint Vashisth offered his prayers and created the four clans of the Rajputs. The place where Saint Vashisth offered these prayers which led to the development of the four Rajput Clans is known as the Agni Kund as it was here that Saint Vashisth performed the Yajnas. There is also a water source near the temple. A marble statue of a cow has been built at this place. The cow is symbolic of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva. It is around this point that a person can easily find statue of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Saint Vashisth. There is a famous Hanuman temple located in the valley of Mount Abu. Once you have reached this temple, move a little more ahead, perhaps some five kilometers and you will reach the Gaumukh Temple.

While on an India tour, a person should save at least two or three days to visit the temples of Mount Abu region of India. These temples are unique in their own ways. Not only will they give you a chance to peep into the rich cultural heritage of India, you will also get to experience spiritual solace. Engulfed inside the deep scenic and natural beauty, these temples offer beauty to the eye and peace to the mind. The people around will have a lot of stories to tell you and thus, you will have plenty of memories to pen down into your memoirs of India tour.

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Religious Heritage of India- The Gaumukh Temple

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This article was published on 2011/07/13