Shaolin Temple and Kung Fu

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Shaolin Temple, jointly with several places of interest in the historic Mt. Songshan in Dengfeng City, Henan Province in Central China, was recently inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage . List as Tian Di Zhi Zhong (literally means Center of the World) Historical Architecture Group. At the same time, "The Danxia Landform of China" was also named as World Heritage Site, which consists of six geologically-related Danxia areas including Mt. Danxia and other five mountains in southeastern China.

Have you ever watched the animated film " Kung Fu Panda "? If so, you must be impressed by the clumsy and bumbling panda named Po, who, after overcoming lots of difficulties accomplishes his dream ultimately of being a true Kung Fu master.

This novel film, with its special and new look, may have refurbished your existing recognition of Chinese Kung Fu .

Whether it is the flying characters, the realistic fighting skills, or the inherited Shaolin Kung Fu that comes to your mind when speaking of Chinese Kung Fu, everyone seems to have more or less a concept of what it is like and its inseparable association with the country. From Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan, recent influential Chinese Kung Fu stars and traditional Chinese Kung Fu films have brought this time-honored Chinese martial art, which have developed over the centuries in China, to the whole world.

One of the best places to appreciate the genuine Chinese martial art tradition today is the famous Shaolin Temple. Founded in the 5th century, it is a Mahayana Buddhist temple and the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu. During devastating wars in the past dynasties, many of the temple buildings were laid to waste yet reconstructed several times, while some are still standing. Nowadays, Shaolin Temple enjoys unrivalled reputation in China and the other parts of the world.

Things to do at Shaolin Temple

1. Shaolin Temple & Pagoda Forest - China's most famous martial arts tradition Kung Fu was developed here by Buddhist monks. The temple is shrouded in legend and mystery.

- The Pagoda Forest is a graveyard of tomb pagodas for eminent monks of the temple. With more than 240 tomb pagodas of various sizes spanning over 1,300 years, it is the biggest pagoda complex in China.

- There is a theatre here which presents the awesome Kungfu Show. Masters showed off their weapon skills, acrobatic skills, flexibility, and strength. You'll also have opportunities to learn some Kung Fu from the masters on the spot.

- In fine weather, you may catch young students from Shaolin's martial art school practicing Kung Fu outside in training grounds. 2. Kung Fu Classes

If you're striving to be the next Jackie Chan, you can enroll for a one-day class at the school in the area, or maybe longer, to capture more of the essence of Kung Fu.

3. Trekking Shaolin Temple is seated at the foot of Mt. Shaoshi, the area's tallest peak. The peak area has a more scenic trek beside craggy rock formations along a path that often hugs the cliff. The trek takes about two hours each way. Partly by cable car up is available.

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Shaolin Temple and Kung Fu

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