Some of the most amazing Temples in Kerala

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Temples of Kerala play a significant role and held an important place in the life of the people. Kerala has several temples revered and frequented by thousands of visitors and devotees from all over India.Kerala,is known as God's own country because not only for its mystirious natural beauty but also for its ancient temples.

Popular Temples of Kerala

The most popular and widely visited temples of Kerala include the famous, Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple Thiruvananthapuram, Guruvayoor Temple, Sabarimala Temple, Aranmula Temple. You too can enjoy an interesting Kerala Temple Tour and visit the most famous and sacred temples of Kerala.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Fort, in Thiruvananthapuram - the capital city of Kerala. The temple is still under the direct control of the Travancore Royal family.The unique fact about the idol is that it so huge that you can't see it together at a glance. Three different openings offer views of different parts of it, the face, navel, feet etc. It was recently discovered that the statue is covered with gold and precious stones. The temple is also known for its murals and stone carvings. . Trivandrum city turns out to lively with grand celebrations of Arattu festival. It showcases a spectacle procession of decorated elephants and musicians chanting Lord's name

Guruvayoor Temple
Guruvayoor temple is located in just 29 km west of Trichur, and one of the most sacred pilgrimage centers of Kerala. Dedicated to Lord Krishna,the temple is known for its fascinating architecture and exquisite carvings and mural paintings. As per the legends the temple was built by Vayu (God of winds) and Guru (preceptor of gods). The roof and two doors of the temple are covered with gold.Guruvayooe temple is famous for its healing powers, the temple allows only Hindus inside its complexes

Aranmula Temple
Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is a Hindu temple near Aranmula, a village in Pathanamthitta District. The temple is on the left bank of the Pampa River. The Parthasarathi Temple attracts large crowds of devotees. The temple has four towers over its entrances on its outer wall. The eastern tower is accessed through a flight of 18 steps. Descending 57 steps through the northern tower, one can reach the Pampa River. The famous Aranmula boat race is held on the last day of the weeklong Onam festival.

Sabarimala Temple
This holy shrine, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa the beautiful Sabarimala Temple is regarded as the most sacred temple of Kerala. Thousands of pilgrims visit the Sabarimala Temple every year to seek the blessings of Lord Ayyappa. The Sabarimala Temple festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Ayyapan who is revered by all in India. There are two main pujas called the Mandal Puja and the Makara Sankranti Puja, which are celebrated from November to Middle of January in Kerala As per the strict rules of Sabarimala temple, visitors before embarking to the temple has to lead a life like an ascetic for 41 days.
Come and explore the most amazing pilgrim centers and other heritage temples in Kerala in your Heritage Kerala holidays. Kerala is having an amazing role in Heritage South Indian tour packages and Indian Holidays.


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Some of the most amazing Temples in Kerala

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