Take A Trip To Niasar Fire Temple When You Visit Kashan In Iran

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Niasar Fire Temple can be seen along with a cave when you visit Kashan. Being one of Mithra temples in Iran, it is similar to the fire temple in Baku. Mithra is greatly revered by the Zoroastrian believers. The temple is an important part of the beautiful Niasar village, which is located near Kashan.

The greenery here is especially attractive as it can be found in the midst of a desert. It can be seen just below the fire temple. The stone structure which can be seen from the village is the domed chamber which dates back to the Sassanid times.

Description of the Structure

The domed chamber in Niasar or the Fire Temple is 14 by 14 meters with a dome covering the top. The chamber has no walls remaining now. Stone is the main material used to build the temple along with a mortar of plaster. The stones used in the upper parts and in the arches are different from the normal ones used in the lower part as they are square-shaped and big in size. The lower part of the structure was plaster coated in the later periods. Research shows that stucco carvings were used to make the walls of the temple look attractive.

Remains of the Structure

It is expected that people must have been able to see the fire burning in the chamber from afar. The stones used to build this building came from the cave near the temple. When you descend down the hill, a spring with sparkling clear water will greet you, which flows near a mosque and into the village below.

Beauty of the Cave

When you visit Kashan, you will hear of the cave near Niasar Fire Temple being referred to as Surakh Reis or Talar cave. It is man-made and was a Mithra temple. It is said to have been built during the Parthian times. There are many entrances to the cave which open from the upper parts of Niasar. You can see the waterfall from these openings in the cave. Two millstones are located just below the waterfall with two more millstones visible in the interior part of the cave.
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Take A Trip To Niasar Fire Temple When You Visit Kashan In Iran

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This article was published on 2010/11/28