Tamilnadu Temples: Real Marks of the City

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Among all the temples in India, Tamilnadu Temples are highly acclaimed at global level for their magnificent looks, beauty and holiness. Such divine symbols (Tamilnadu temples) are right ways to experience the real essence of God.

Tamilnadu is the land in India that is rich with several holy temples which are known for their beauty, holiness and fascinating looks. The presence of innumerable temples in the city symbolizes the holiness of the land and makes the place so divine for worship. Over 30,0000 temples are located in Tamilnadu, that make the city most renowned source of temples across the country. Each street, village, hamlet etc., is blessed with number of holy temples in Tamilnadu. Approximate all temples are similar in terms of looks, fascinating features, architecture and designs that bind the visitor’s interest to know more about magical temples of Tamilnadu. The most renowned temples of the city are like Meenakshi temple, Ekambareswarar temple- Kanchipuram, Nataraj Temple, Brihadeeswara Temple, Ramanathawamy Temple and lots more. These temples are milestones of the city and have attracted to the global visitors through their beauty, amazing features and ancient architectural looks. Let’s have brief about few holy temples located in Tamilnadu as follows:.

Meenakshi Temple- Madurai: The Meenakshi-Madurai temple is well known for its elegant architecture and rock carving across the globe. It is located at the bank of Vaigai River of the Madurai district of the city. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva in the form of “Sundereswarar” and his consort goddess Parvati as “Meenakshi”. However, this temple is known as Meenakshi Sundereswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple. This temple has 2500 years old architecture that interact visitors through its enchanting look and creative designs. It is meant always auspicious to organize weddings in this temple as well.

Ekambareswarar Temple- Kanjipuram : The Ekambareswarar Temple-Kanjipuram is one of the seven holy places of India. Kanjipuram is also known for “Pancha Bhutta Sthalas” and thousands of ancient temples as well. The city is mainly blessed with two types of God’s temples like lord Shiva and Vishnu Kanchi. But most of the visitors have keen interest in Vishnu Kanchi temples like Ashtabhujam Perumal, Vaikunta Perumal,Yathoktakari, Ulagalanda Perumal and Vilakkoli Perumal. These temples are rich with real essence of the lord Vishnu and have become major parts of attraction for global visitors.

Nataraja Temple- Chidambarm: The Nataraja Temple- Chidambarm is another holy temple of Tamilnadu and blessed with several fascinating features and elegant designs. This temple is probably, dedicated to lord Shiva as Nataraj, the Cosmic Dancer. Furthermore, this temple is also known as “Ponnambalam or Kanaga Sabha”. The roof of the temple is decorated by the gold-plated material. Apart from that the ancient architecture of temple and elegant design are also eye catching for visitors.

Ramanathaswamy Temple- Rameshwarm: Another well known holy temple of Tamilnadu is Ramanathaswamy Temple- Rameshwarm that is located at the island named Rameshwaram. This temple is counted as one of the 12 popular Jyotirlingas located in India. This temple has massive architecture like 1200 meter long corridor, a big courtyard etc., that signifies vital structure of this temple. Most of the global visitors love to see this tall temple specially when come to Tamilnadu for visiting.

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Tamilnadu Temples: Real Marks of the City

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