Temples in Kerala, recalling the legends

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Well known as the God’s own country, Temples in Kerala are a living testimony to its rich cultural heritage and architectural grandeur; they are also the true symbols of beauty that embody inspirational value. The most awe inspiring characteristics of the temples here is the Dravidian architectural style in which they are built, they are well known for the excellent carvings on their tall Gopurams and also the wooden and stone carvings on the temple walls, gates, roofs and sanctum. Some of the temples in Kerala are more than a century old, most of them being devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and several others have the idols of Goddess Bhagvathi and Sastha installed in them. A trip to these temples will surely make you witness the charm and divinity that lies in this place.

Ambalapuzha Temple

Ambalapuzha Temple, also known as the Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple is located in Alappuzha district of Kerala in South India is very famous for its traditional Kerala style of temple architecture and milk porridge called Paal paayasam which is exceptionally sweet. Aaraattu is one of the festival that is celebrated with much fanfare in this temple during the month of March-April when Velakali and Pallipana, the traditional dance performances are done before the massive crowds with the full gusto and zeal. Known for its numerous legends, a trip to this temple will surely be memorable.

Guruvayoor Temple

Located in Guruvayur town of Thrissur district in Kerala is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is known to be one of the five most revered Vishnu-Krishna temples in India. This temple is also popular with the sobriquet ‘’Dwarka of the South’’, it is also well known as the holy abode of the Lord Vishnu on Earth. The most alluring feature of this temple is the four lustrous arms of Sree Krishna that carry conch, discus or Sudarshan Chakra, a mace and the lotus or Kamal. Vedic traditions are followed to absolute perfection in the temple and pooja ceremony is held as per the procedure laid out by Adi Shankracharya.

Mannarsala Snake Temple

Mannarsala Snake Temple is an ancient temple which is world renowned as a pilgrimage centre for snake charmers and the devotees of serpent god Nagaraja. Nestled in the forest glade in Alleppey , it has more than 300,000 images of all varieties of highly poisonous and non poisonous snakes that are found on earth, several of them being mythical. Dotted with snake images all over the paths and trees of this temple, this temple has legends of its own. Women seeking children come to this temple for the blessing of Nagaraja. A peculiar turmeric paste is available in this temple which is used as a medicine for snake bites and other skin ailments.

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Temples in Kerala, recalling the legends

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Temples in Kerala, recalling the legends

This article was published on 2012/04/18