Tianhou Temple – a haven for quality folk art

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Known as the Queen of Heaven Temple - the Tianhou Temple in China, could be found in places like Hong Kong and Macau. It is a strong belief among the local communities in China that those who pray at a Queen of Heaven Temple would have a safe journey by sea.

This belief among the locals is what has led to so many temples being constructed facing the sea. The Tianhou Temple in Qingdao was built by the rulers of the Ming Dynasty in the year 1468.

This temple is a popular tourist attraction since it combines tales of marine livelihoods as well as highlighting the culture of the locals in this region. Many of those who have made the trek to the Tianhou Temple have considered it an ideal institution where authentic Qingdao folk art is demonstrated.

The temple comprises of about ten structures and all together it houses about eighty odd rooms. Among the rooms that are worthy of mention among the many of course, is the opera tower. This room is unique in the fact that its walls have been covered using tiles that are glazed. The tiles are what add beauty to this room and is the most visited room at the temple.

The other rooms at the Tianhou temple are covered with grayish coloured tiles, and the walls have a very dry look about them. This look is what balances the carvings as well as the hand paintings that adorn the walls of the temple. The rooms have each been decorated so tastefully that they do not take away from the art works that are mounted on them.

Another point of interest for those who visit the temple is the fact that the temple has two stone tablets – each with carvings that record the history of the temple. The Tianhou Temple unlike the other structures one might find in Qingdao, boasts of the most superior works of art that are associated with the Ming Dynasty. This part of China has many a Qingdao hotel that would cater to any type of traveller. The Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, is a centrally located hotel, which allows tourists to see more of the area with easy access to public transportation and popular attractions in its vicinity. This hotel Qingdao serves up some sumptuous dishes from its award winning Chinese restaurant so tourists needn't go far to experience some authentic Qingdao cuisine.

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Tianhou Temple – a haven for quality folk art

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This article was published on 2010/12/21