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If one follows Hindu mythology, there is no end to the temples. There are a chain of events which leads to the establishment of various temples. Tripura Sundari Temple is one such temple being one of the 51 pithasthans of the Hindu mythology.

Tripura Sundari goddess is also known as Turtia Mata in the local dialect of Tripura. There is an intricate yet beautiful statue carved out of black stone or 'Kasti patthar' showing a lively goddess riding a tiger. The goddess is worshipped in the form of 'Soroshi'. Each of its eighteen hands depicts a symbol which adds to its mythical value even more. There are two identical images called Tripura Sundari and Chhotima of the same goddess. The former is about 5 feet high and the latter is 2 feet high.

There is a story behind this temple which is in accordance with the Hindu legend. Lord Shiva, at the demise of his wife Sati decides to destroy everything carrying the body of his wife on his shoulders. Lord Vishnu, with the help of his Sudarshan Chakra, comes to the rescue by splintering the Sati's dead body into 52 pieces. The disappeareance of the dead body calms the temper of Lord Shiva. Wherever these pieces fell down on earth, various temples devoted to goddess Sati were established. This temple has been spreading its spirituality since the rule of Kanishka, Emperor of Kushana. These temples possess a sacred value for the Hindus and they call it, "Shakti Peeths".

Since there are too many legendary stories lying behind the establishment of this temple, let me add one more. This temple was earlier intended to be adorned with the idol of Lord Vishnu. The dream of Maharaja Dhanyamanikya changed it all when the goddess Mahakali asked him to shift her idol from Chittagong (Bangladesh) to Tripura.

In this part of Tour of India, a single glimpse of the goddess is enough to make you forget all the tiredness of the 19 kms travelling from Banswara. It stands in all its glory with a square sanctum crowned with conical dome. It is also called 'Kurma Pitha' because the inside space of the temple resembles the shape of a tortoise or kurma.

Although the glory of this temple in the India Tour is always at its height round the year but at the special occasion of Deepawali, they organise a Diwali Mela where all the pilgrims present at that time offer puja to the goddess in this Tripura Sundari temple.

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Watch Out the Stunning Sundari Temple

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This article was published on 2010/11/01