Yonghe Palace Lama Temple - An Epitome of Buddhist and Chinese Imperial History

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Beijing one of the world's most inspiring citadels, where tradition and modern day influences blend and dance together to create a kaleidoscope of colour. Century old temples where religion practices have remained unchanged are still here today.

The Yonghe Palace Lama Temple is an impressive historic temple that lies in the northeastern section of the city of Beijing. Home to the world's largest wooden Buddha image, the temple is steeped in more than three centuries of Buddhist and Chinese imperial history. The Temple features 5 courtyards and numerous pavilions, halls and buildings that together form a magnificent architectural structure that is sure to amaze visitors with its intricately carved murals and vibrant decor. Streams of locals and tourists visit the Temple to glimpse the culture and heritage of the city of Beijing.

The Yonghe Palace Lama Temple was built during the period of the Qing dynasty and was initially used as a residence for official court eunuchs. In 1693, the site became the official court of Prince Yongzheng under the rule of Emperor Kangxi. In 1725, under the rule of Yongzheng, the building was designated as an imperial palace. The palace was then converted into a Lama Temple under the reign of Emperor Qianlong in 1744. Today, the temple still continues to exude a majestic aura reminiscent of its imperial history.

The Hall of Boundless Happiness is the largest structure in the Yonghe Palace Lama Temple. In here stands the reputed 26 meter tall Buddha statue that is made out of a large piece of sandalwood. This statue is renowned to be the largest wooden Buddha image in the world.

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Yonghe Palace Lama Temple - An Epitome of Buddhist and Chinese Imperial History

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This article was published on 2010/11/20